Kushner’s Solution on Immigration Continues the Theme of Deport First, Solve Never

Sheridan Aguirre Press Releases

“With his plan, Kushner plays more games with our lives while the Trump Administration ramps up the pain and misery.”

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Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, news broke that the Trump administration paused a plan that would deport nearly 1 million people living across America in a “flashy show of force,” as Jared Kushner prepares to announce his immigration plan to bulk up the Deportation Force at the border.

Sanaa Abrar, Advocacy Director at United We Dream, said:

“With his plan, Kushner plays more games with our lives while the Trump Administration ramps up the pain and misery. The damage done by Stephen Miller and Trump so far is clear: from killing DACA, TPS and DED and blocking the Dream Act, to Trump holding federal workers and young people hostage to get his wall and expand the Deportation Force.

This week looks no different, as the news broke that Trump wanted to make a sick TV drama of deporting nearly one million youth and families who’ve made their homes across America.

Apparently cosigned by his extremist anti-immigrant colleagues at the White House, Kushner’s plan follows the pattern of playing games with the lives and hopes of immigrant youth while underneath continuing the same brutal “solution:” deport, deport, deport, with no humanity in sight.

Immigrants see through the games and Congress must not be duped: the only solution that must be considered seriously is permanent protection for the communities Trump has targeted and defunding the Deportation Force.”


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