Stephen Miller’s Immigration Plan

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Washington, D.C. - At the White House this afternoon, Trump will unveil an immigration plan schemed by white supremacist Stephen Miller. From what has been revealed so far,  the plan would make drastic cuts to asylum petitions and attack family reunification.

In order to sell this plan, we fully expect Trump to repeat lies about immigrants and to drum up his base into a frenzy about the humanitarian crisis he’s created at the border. Like his failed steak business, we ain’t buying it.

Below we’ve included important points to remember as you report or respond to the plan:


  • This plan follows the pattern of keeping immigrants out of this country and continuing the same brutality of deport, deport, deport, with no humanity in sight.
  • Trump, Miller, Kushner and Republicans have never been serious about a solution, they’ve only increased the abusive power of the deportation forces of ICE and CBP, ended DACA, TPS, and DED, implemented a Muslim ban, and rejected all citizenship proposals that would help people without hurting people.
  • His entire presidency, Trump and his team have spent billions on mass deportation and the wall and have implemented policies to treat suffering people with brutality.


  • People immigrate to this country and people seek asylum, refuge and a better life. The number of people coming into this country goes up and it goes down. Ask anyone in border communities and they’ll tell you the same thing. Trump cries crisis regardless of what the numbers are - his actions speak louder than words. His goal is to keep immigrants out and push people of color out.
    • Just this morning there are reports of Trump’s pick to direct ICE, Mark Morgan, claiming he can tell a young person is part of a gang by ‘looking at their eyes.’ That’s the type of racist behavior that fuelsthe Deportation Force and that criminalizes people seeking asylum.
  • It’s also a fact that families belong together and the same family-based migration policy that Trump wants to kill allowed First Lady Melania to bring her parents to America.
  • The false cash crisis: Trump’s theatrics (shut down, threatening a shut down, children in cages, now this plan) are all part of his scheme to get BILLIONS in increases for the Deportation Force. Remember the deal Trump got for shutting down the government for 34 days? After that stunt, Congress gave him billions more for the deportation force and their budgets have gone up every single year. Trump himself said about DHS money: “I don’t know what to do with it, we have so much money.”


  • Treat immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees like the human beings and the dignity and respect that everyone deserves.
  • Pass permanent protection for the communities Trump has targeted, including those with DACA, TPS and DED. We already have a bill and it’s called the Dream and Promise Act.
  • Defund the Deportation Force, who raid workplaces and homes, build detention camps, separate families and put children in cages. We don’t need to keep pumping more cash into ICE and CBP. They have a lot of money, and they have chosen to follow the lead of Stephen Miller and use their resources to stoke a humanitarian crisis.

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