Hearing Unveils More Reasons Why Congress Must Hold ICE Accountable

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Congress must work to protect immigrants from ICE Concentration Camps

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José Alonso Muñoz | jose@unitedwedream.org

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Judiciary subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship held a hearing on ICE detention. During the hearing, witnesses, which included: a former DACA recipient who was detained over 30 days; an asylum seeker from Cameroon who was forced to wait in Mexico before spending more than six months in ICE custody; and a gay asylum seeker from Russia who was detained for over 40 days, spoke about the dangers they faced while in ICE detention. 

Sanaa Abrar, Advocacy Director at United We Dream, said: 

“This hearing exposed ICE as the deadly agency it is. ICE inflicts harm on immigrant communities by separating families and locking people up. This happened in Mississippi when hundreds of children came home from school to find their parents missing after they raided their workplace.  There is an alarming number of deaths that have happened in recent years and yet ICE continues to get more and more money. This pattern of harming immigrants and not being accountable must stop.

Congress must put a stop to ICE’s reign of terror on immigrant communities by defunding the agency and sponsoring Rep. Jayapal’s (D-WA) Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act of 2019. The bill sets up due process for detainees, phases out private detention, and orders non-carceral alternatives altogether. ”