The Supreme Court Must Protect LGBTQ People’s Right to Be

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the Supreme Court will hear three cases on LGBTQ Discrimination, which will determine if freedom of sexual orientation (Altitude Express v. Zarda & Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia) and gender identity and expression (R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC) are protected in the workplace. The employers in these cases are asking the Supreme Court to rule that it is perfectly legal under federal law to fire workers because they are LGBTQ. This comes in advance of a November 12 hearing where the Supreme Court will hear three cases on DACA which will impact over 36,000 LGBTQ DACA recipients.

Cynthia Garcia, Deportation Defense Coordinator with United We Dream, said:

“I shouldn’t live in fear of being fired or being denied a job because of who I am. No one should. There is only one right choice for the Supreme Court and that is to protect LGBTQ people from rampant bigotry. By ruling otherwise, the Judges will open the floodgates for more discrimination and attacks against LGBTQ people, immigrants, people living with disabilities, poor people, and people of color.

The Trump administration is no friend to LGBTQ people. Trump ended DACA, putting me, and over 36,000 other LGBTQ DACA recipients at risk of deportation. The Trump administration took away housing protections from transgender people experiencing homelessness. The deportation force has held LGBTQ asylum seekers in solitary confinement for extended periods of time, or denied medication to HIV+ LGBTQ people in detention camps. The Supreme Court must do the right thing and protect all LGBTQ people from discrimination.”


United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful network made up of over 400,000 members and 48 affiliate organizations across 26 states. UWD’s vision is to build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic movement of young people who organize and advocate at the local and national levels for the dignity and justice of immigrants and communities of color in the United States.