Executive Director

United We Dream Job Postings

United We Dream (UWD) is the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country. We create welcoming spaces for young people – regardless of immigration status – to make their voices heard and win victories so that all people can live free and thrive. We recruit, support, engage and empower young people and are creating a new generation of social justice leaders to change our world.

Our powerful network is made up of over 720,000 members, 100+ local groups across 28 states, and we reach over 5 million people online every month. We celebrate our diversity and believe in multi-ethnic, multi-racial, inter-generational intersectional solutions. Over 60% of our members are womxn and 20% identify as LGBTQ.

Whether we’re organizing in the streets, building innovative technology systems, opening doors for LGBTQ immigrant youth, clearing pathways to education, stopping deportations or creating alliances across social movements, United We Dream puts undocumented immigrant youth in the driver’s seat. United We Dream is a fast-paced, dynamic organization which has become a leading voice in social change and has appeared in every major news outlet in the country.

We are driven by the priorities and needs of our members; have trained thousands of individuals; and have supported countless local organizing groups. Today, United We Dream is arguably the most influential immigrant rights organization in the nation and a leading driver of progressive politics and strategy. Our brand is known around the world and we are proud to be driven by the hopes, dreams, decisions, and brilliance of directly impacted young people.


United We Dream is seeking an experienced, innovative, and dynamic new Executive Director to lead our network into a new chapter of vision, growth, and victories. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the incoming Executive Director will manage a team of 50 staff members and oversee its growth.


Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Strategic Vision and Leadership

  • Serve as the leading public face of United We Dream, sharing its mission and vision of our members with the outside world and helping to increase the organization’s visibility and influence.
  • Act as a thought leader and advocate for the rights and dignity of immigrant youth and families, and all people.
  • Lead efforts with United We Dream’s staff, National Leadership Committee (NLC), and Board of Directors to clarify and build alignment on United We Dream’s mission, vision and strategic goals.
  • Ensure the organization effectively achieves its mission by providing leadership across day-to-day operations, fundraising, fiscal management, and program development.
  • Manage the staff with transparency and respect, creating a workplace that is results-oriented, professional, innovative and positive.
  • Lead, coach and develop United We Dream’s high-performance leadership team.
  • Provide vision and leadership to United We Dream’s programs, ensuring they are relevant, diverse, excellent, and consistent.
  • Establish, communicate, and implement plans to achieve goals and objectives to the organization and the Board.
  • Maintain United We Dream’s ability to enact major, long term initiatives while remaining nimble and able to mobilize with urgency and effectiveness.
  • Ensure that the work and culture of United We Dream remain always rooted in the love of our communities and the resilience of our members.

Financial Performance, Fundraising & Viability

  • Drive fundraising strategies to raise resources for the organization’s yearly budget and long term future, including management of more than 90 philanthropic grants each year.
  • Direct activities that lead to organizational sustainability and growth, ensuring the engagement of United We Dream’s existing donor base while cultivating new supporters among institutional and individual funding communities.
  • Manage resource spending and allocation, which includes operating within the approved budget, ensuring maximum resource utilization, and maintaining a positive financial position.
  • Steward United We Dream’s fiscal sponsorship activities, which supports multiple affiliated local organizations.

Exceptional Relationship Building Skills

  • Nurtures and manages strong relationships with key internal stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, the National Leadership Committee (NLC), field leaders and staff.
  • Builds and maximizes relationships with external audiences including key strategic allies, programmatic partners, donors, supporters, media, cultural influencers, political leaders and more.
  • Embodies an authentic leadership style and communicates in an open and sincere manner that engenders trust with a broad array of constituents.
  • Cultivates relationships across departments in order to foster effective teamwork throughout the organization.
  • Displays the highest personal integrity and ethics.


The ideal candidate will be a proven, strategic leader with passion, strong intersectional analysis, strong relationship building skills, deep ties to the community, lived immigrant experience and an unyielding commitment to United We Dream’s mission and values.

The winning candidate will have a demonstrated record of fundraising and operational management experience and will exhibit confidence, emotional maturity, a collaborative spirit and professionalism which will inspire and motivate the organization’s stakeholders, staff and donors.

We will particularly be looking for the following:

  • Passion for the mission: Passionate about the rights of immigrants and deeply committed to racial, gender and economic justice for all people. Enthusiastic about driving social change through the civic engagement of immigrant youth, with a talent for developing a powerful sense of shared purpose in others and motivating them to engage in the work of United We Dream.
  • Strategic and visionary leadership: Strategic, tactical, and entrepreneurial. Able to develop and articulate a vision for United We Dream’s next chapter, while simultaneously executing on its current strategic priorities. Actively and strategically seeks out partnerships and builds coalitions to advance United We Dream’s mission and priorities. Has the drive to position United We Dream at the forefront of politics and culture change by anticipating new challenges and opportunities while positioning United We Dream to proactively take advantage of them.
  • Organizational management experience: Possesses strong people, operational and financial management experience. Able to inspire staff at various stages of their careers and provide a productive work environment that supports team cohesion and camaraderie. Strong history of implementing management best practices, ensuring that overall day-to-day operations are aligned with strategic goals. Understands the importance of a robust partnership with the Board and will ensure sound financial management practices and accountability to the Board.
  • Fundraising enthusiasm and expertise: Excited to build resources for change. Has successfully led development campaigns and can enthusiastically convey United We Dream’s goals to existing and potential new donors, including individuals and foundations. Develops a vision for long term sustainability of United We Dream and our movement for justice.
  • Exceptional communication and relationship-building skills: A savvy communicator who can bring passion for United We Dream’s mission to the media, small groups of immigrant youth, policymakers or tens of thousands assembled at a rally. Able to build strong, trusting relationships with others in the movement, including donors, members of the media, supporters, allies, and partners. Can hold and cultivate strategic relationships at all levels, including with community members, elected officials, influencers and donors.
  • Purpose: Understands that we are part of an historic lineage of innovative social change makers. Has a vision of justice and dignity for immigrants and people of color and wants to work with others to achieve it.
  • Perseverance: Demonstrates the ability to persist in something that they feel passionate about, particularly when it comes to achieving long-term, meaningful goals for the organization and our members. When encountering obstacles and experience failures, the ideal candidate bounces back, adapts, innovates, and perseveres through challenge after challenge, without losing hope or faith that our work can and will make a difference.
  • People Development: Excited and committed to teaching what they learn and building the next generation of social justice leaders. Demonstrates a strong understanding that we all must coach, develop and mentor others to grow and achieve excellent results. Believes deeply in developing the leadership of immigrant youth, women of color and LGBTQ people.
  • Cultural Competency: Believes that racial, gender, and economic justice are important and are driven to act on this belief. Recognizes ways that race and other identities intersect and play out in the work. Are continually able to hear, reflect, and act on feedback re: identity and equity with the aim to learn, and has demonstrated the ability to build equitable and inclusive environments through previous roles.
  • Organizational Culture: Builds collegial relationships, works well in a collaborative environment, approaches the work with a positive attitude and flexibility, and is able to drive important work forward by working with colleagues, with or without formal authority. The ideal candidate role models a growth mindset, meaning they’re eager for feedback and opportunities to improve.


We welcome applications from individuals or from teams of two candidates who would like to propose a co-leadership structure. Preference will be given to internal candidates and/or candidates from within the network of UWD. Candidates should send their resumes to EDsearch@unitedwedream.org. We plan to hold candidate interviews during the month of March and April 2020, so please indicate in your initial email if you are not able to interview in that period. Please do not send duplicate materials and incomplete applications will not be considered. No phone calls, please.


UWD is an equal opportunity employer; people of color and individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. UWD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic background, citizenship status, religion, political orientation, genetic information, sexual orientation, age or disability.