Home Is Here Coalition Pleased the Supreme Court Accepted Supplemental Brief

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the Supreme Court granted a motion by the appellees in the Wolf v. Vidal case to accept a supplemental brief filed after oral argument. The brief asked the Court to consider (1) that the COVID-19 pandemic sharply illustrates the Trump administration’s utter failure to consider reliance interests when terminating DACA, including the life-sustaining role played by  over 200,000 DACA recipients who are frontline workers in essential services, and (2) new evidence that the Trump Administration is planning to deport DACA recipients if the Court  upholds the program’s termination. 

The Home Is Here coalition released the following statement: 

“We are pleased the Supreme Court accepted this important brief. Supplemental briefs following oral arguments are very unusual, but these trying times call for extraordinary measures to ask the Supreme Court to consider the real-world consequences of the COVID-19 global health crisis and the Trump administration’s recent acknowledgements that they would move forward with deporting DACA recipients. 

As communities across the country are dealing with COVID-19, DACA recipients are some of the people on the frontlines making sure people are fed, making sure people have needed supplies, and taking care of people if they get sick. 

So far, there has been no response from the Trump administration to this brief.  The Trump administration’s lack of response tells us they can’t defend their cruelty and their disregard for the immigrants on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response. It also tells us that they don’t care about the consequences of the end of DACA to the more than 700,000 immigrants that benefit from the program, or about the impact to the rest of the country, including the 256,000 U.S. citizen children of DACA recipients.

This brief, as well as the countless stories of DACA recipients on the frontlines of the COVID-19 efforts have shown the American people the detrimental impact that allowing the Trump administration to end DACA would have not only on the wellbeing of DACA recipients and their families, but also on the entire country.” 


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