Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli Calls Deportations of DACA Recipients “Attractive”

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Washington, D.C. – In a recent episode of America First with Sebastian Gorka, Acting USCIS Director, Ken Cuccinelli called the removal of DACA recipients “attractive.” 

In the interview, which happened on April 23, Cuccinelli says: “DACA is, you know, an overwhelming program…There’s almost 30,000 with orders of removal who have work permits. Well, you know, one of the things that could happen here is there is stopping that and make removal more attractive to those folks who’ve been all the way through the fairly extensive due process that we give them.”

Cuccinelli’s statement comes after documents last month revealed that ICE has access to USCIS databases hosting DACA recipients’ personal data.

The Home Is Here Coalition – representing over 100 organizations across the country – released the following statement: 

“Ken Cuccinelli’s comments are further evidence that Trump’s true intention behind ending DACA is mass deportation. DACA recipients are facing an unforgiving pandemic that has killed thousands, caused massive job loss, while also facing an upcoming decision from the Supreme Court. It is important to remember that Trump created this crisis by ending DACA, but he could solve that crisis right now.  

Millions of undocumented immigrants, including DACA recipients, are frontline workers keeping us fed, safe, and healthy in the midst of COVID-19. They are a vital part of fighting this pandemic. If the Supreme Court sides with Trump he still has a choice to make, he could decide not to end DACA. Trump still has the opportunity to side with over 70% of Americans who want DACA to stay in place. Trump and the Department of Justice have the power to, and should, remove the DACA case from the Supreme Court today. 

Furthermore, Cuccinelli’s comments make it an absolute imperative that the Court recognize Trump’s plans for mass deportation if they allow him to end the program. We are once again calling on the Supreme Court to side with DACA recipients and their families.” 


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