If Trump and USCIS Refuse to Accept New DACA Applications They Will be in Contempt of Court

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A federal district court in Maryland reiterated what the Supreme Court told Trump: the DACA program must immediately revert back to the 2012 guidelines

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Washington, D.C. — Today, a United States District Court in Maryland ordered the Trump administration and USCIS to implement the full restoration of the DACA program, including initial DACA applications and advance parole. The court’s order reiterates the Supreme Court’s decision issued on June 18, 2020, when Trump lost his case. Any further delay from Trump and USCIS in restoring the full 2012 DACA program will expose them to contempt of court charges. 

The Trump administration, including USCIS, have so far refused to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision. Instead, they have rejected new DACA applications. Last week in an interview with Telemundo Trump said his administration was planning on an executive order that would impact DACA recipients, and hinted that they would once again attack the program. Complying with the court order and reopening the program to new applicants will permit more than 300,000 young people to request protection, including an estimated 55,500 who have aged into eligibility over the past three years.

For DACA recipients and their families, visit this page for guidance on new applications and renewals. If you’d like to donate for immigrant youth’s renewals: dacarenewalfund.com

The Home Is Here Coalition – representing 100+ organizations across the country – released the following statement: 

“Trump cannot erase the fact that immigrant youth, our families and allies won at the Supreme Court. Although a majority of people in this country support immigrant youth and want the administration to keep the DACA program, Trump and USCIS are choosing to be cruel and reckless with the lives of immigrant young people and their families. 

By refusing to fully restore the DACA program, Trump is not only exposing the administration to contempt of court chargers, but they are putting the lives of immigrant young people at risk of deportation as COVID-19 cases rise across the country. Trump and his white supremacist advisor Stephen Miller have made it clear that they want to deport and detain as many people as possible, and every decision they make in regards to DACA is part of those plans. 

Today marks 29 days since the Supreme Court issued its decision. With the support of millions of people in our country, we continue to demand that Trump and USCIS immediately fully reinstate the DACA program and protect immigrant young people from deportation. We will continue to fight every attack from this administration because we know that for immigrant youth and their families, home is here, and that our fight is not done until we have permanent protections for all immigrants.” 

Jesus Perez, individual plaintiff on the CASA lawsuit and VP of CASA’s board of directors: 

“We filed this lawsuit because we knew that the Trump administration was trying to cancel DACA for nefarious reasons. As a DACA recipient, I know how much DACA has meant for me, for my job, and my future, and I think it’s only just that young people who had not applied for the program before it was cancelled have a chance to apply. Today in Maryland the judge agreed.”


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