CORRECTION: After Court Ruling, Betsy DeVos Drops Callous Attack On Undocumented Students

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CORRECTION: We at United We Dream are committed to sharing information and updates with our membership as we get them, that means sometimes we will correct ourselves as better information becomes available. Upon further review, this Court ruling was not as encompassing as previously thought, and does not apply to CARES Act funding for undocumented students in colleges and universities. The ruling instead only applies to the section about K-12 funding and allocation between public and private schools. 

This court decision is still a victory for our communities in that it stops the Department of Education from moving funding from public to private K-12 schools. However, the court’s ruling does not encompass the entire Rule, and thus does not apply to the funds related to Universities and Colleges or undocumented students. 

There have been other rulings that do impact and benefit undocumented university students, in California Community Colleges, Washington and Massachusetts, even as they are limited to those areas and we should celebrate those as well. 

The Rule put in place by Secretary DeVos to bar undocumented students from funding is callous and unnecessary, and we continue to demand that she and the department of education retract it!

The original release is below –

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Education announced that in compliance with a ruling from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, their callous rule barring undocumented students from receiving aid from the CARES Act is no longer in effect. This came after United We Dream led over 260 organizations in sending a letter demanding Secretary Betsy DeVos retract this rule. 

The aid, provided by Congress in the CARES Act allocated $6 billion to colleges and universities for all students to cover expenses like child care, housing, and food. The failed rule originally issued by Secretary DeVos and the Department of Education sought to exclude undocumented students, including DACA recipients. 


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