Immigrant Youth Denounce Gov. DeSantis’ Expansion of Racist 287(g) Collaboration in Florida

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Washington, D.C.Today, the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) announced the implementation of an agreement to partner and cooperate with ICE through the 287(g) program, a dangerous and voluntary arrangement that subjects people of color to racial profiling, discrimination and physical harm at the hands of local law enforcement. 

The program allows the federal government to deputize state/local police and/or FDC Officers as deportation agents and inherently advances a racist agenda that works to advance the mass deportation and criminalization of immigrants. 

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Thomas Kennedy, Florida State Coordinator of United We Dream, said:

The Florida Department of Corrections’ partnership with ICE is a troubling reminder of the uncontrollable growth of ICE and CBP’s deportation forces, which will stop at nothing to terrorize and detain immigrants. Today’s news is further evidence of ICE and CBP’s efforts to fuse the mass incarceration system with the immigration detention and deportation machine that profits off the suffering of our communities.

287(g) and other similar partnerships with ICE are just one more tactic on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ list to target and deport immigrants. It is not his first attack. Other deliberately anti-immigrant attacks from Gov. DeSantis include the enactment of the “show me your papers” law SB 168 and the discriminatory E-verify program. 

To date, Florida has the highest number of 287(g) agreements in the nation, surpassing Texas. 287(g) and other partnership agreements between ICE and law enforcement inherently undermine public safety, putting a target on the backs of immigrants and Black and brown people. It is beyond time to end 287(g) and all partnerships with ICE in Florida and across the country, and demand state and local elected officials divest from immigration enforcement and jails, and invest in their communities!”


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