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2021 Survey of DACA Recipients Underscores the Importance of a Pathway to Citizenship

United We Dream (UWD), along with our partners Center for American Progress (CAP) and National Immigration Law Center (NILC), have surveyed over 1,000 DACA recipients in over 40 states to gain insight on the impacts of the program on their lives. Check out CAP’s website to view the full report, survey results, and methodology.

People with DACA have been able to attain higher paying jobs, access to healthcare, and begin to build their lives here in the United States. DACA recipients, many of whom are parents to young children, homeowners, students, and caretakers to older relatives, are now in a better financial position.

But DACA is not a permanent solution: Undocumented people need a path to citizenship to be fully secure in their homes and lives. This year’s survey results demonstrate that DACA is the floor, not the ceiling, of what immigrant youth need and deserve.

It’s long overdue for Congress to act to ensure that immigrant youth—and all undocumented immigrants—can access necessary protections.

SIGN THIS PETITION and call on Biden and Congress to deliver a pathway to citizenship for millions by any means necessary!

Our immigrant communities are not a political bargaining chip. Undocumented folks lives are on the line each day that you do not act to deliver a pathway to citizenship.

DACA recipients need the permanent security and protections to keep their families together and continue to build their lives here in the United States.

You promised to take action to fight for our communities, but it’s been a whole year under your leadership with DACA still being attacked in the courts, nearly 2 million deportations, and no pathway to citizenship.

You have the power to take immediate action and we are demanding you deliver for our communities!


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This March marks 21 years of ICE CBP & DHS terrorizing our immigrant communities.

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