Add Your Recipe to Our Undocumented Cookbook!

At United We Dream we believe in the power of art and culture to change hearts and minds and June is the perfect time to tap into our cultural creativity! On Immigrant Heritage Month, we want to celebrate our community through a joyous art form that every household does: cooking!

We know that nothing brings people together quite like food! The dishes that immigrants create, no matter how simple or complex, allow people to experience cultures other than one’s own and all the joys and pleasures that come with it.

Today, times are tough because of COVID-19, but many working-class and poor households are embracing their creativity to create meals that both sustain their households and bring a moment of peace and comfort. We want to create a cookbook that reflects our diverse community and inspires memories of joy, comfort and togetherness!

Join us by sharing a recipe from your immigrant culture and a memory of what makes this recipe special!

Unfortunately not all recipes will make it onto the book, because that would simply be too many. So do your best! We’re looking for your take on the most innovative, affordable, abolitionist and joyful recipes!

Add Your Recipe to Our Undocumented Cookbook!

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