5 Things You Should Know About What’s Next for DAPA & Expanded DACA.

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November 20, 2015 will mark one full year since our community pushed President Obama to protect millions of people with children who are U.S. Citizens or Green Card Holders from deportation and expand the DACA program. Our victory, however, has been stalled in the courts since February because of a Republican-led lawsuit.

Various courts have made lots of decisions in this long case over the year and we now expect the Obama Administration to appeal it to the Supreme Court.

So what does this mean for families that might benefit from DAPA & Expanded DACA? And most importantly, what’s next? Here are 5 things you should know:

1. This lawsuit does not affect the current DACA program.

The original DACA program that was announced in 2012, giving work permits to young immigrants is completely separate from this lawsuit and there is no change to DACA–if you qualify for DACA don’t let this lawsuit discourage you from applying. If you currently have DACA, enroll in the DACA Renewal Network to ensure you renew on time.

2. Unfortunately, this was not a surprise.

When our community won DACA and DAPA we knew that there would be haters who would fight back. The Republican lawsuit is their way of fighting back and is nothing but a political game.

3. This case will most likely move to the Supreme Court but it will continue to be a long process.

President Obama’s lawyers at the Department of Justice have said that they will now tell the Supreme Court that they don’t agree with the latest conservative court’s ruling and ask them to take up the case. The Supreme Court next has to decide if they will take up the case and could eventually have the last say. However, the earliest they would come to a decision would be June 2016.

4. The immigrant community is strong. We will not give up.

Just because a couple of conservative judges don’t believe in protecting millions of parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, workers, and young people from deportation, it does not mean that we will give up. It was the immigrant community that pushed President Obama to act last year, and whether in the courts or on the streets, we will continue to fight until the day our entire community is able to live with dignity and justice.

5. It’s necessary to stay informed and inform others on any changes that come up.

The path to justice is a long one, and we know this lawsuit will not be resolved overnight. But while our victory continues stalled in the courts, our communities continued being torn apart by deportation. We need to continue organizing and building power within our community. And we can’t do it without you. Sign up here to stay informed about the developments of this lawsuit.

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