How To Guide: Undocumented Students ​&​ Finals Week

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Silently and almost without notice, finals week creeps up really slowly, it arrives and hits you fast with the sudden reminder of the 999 papers, projects and exams you have due in a few days.

Thankfully UWD has a few tips to help your #SashaFierce throughout this time! 🙂

1. Be assertive. Face this finals week with confidence!

2. Show your friends that although you may be in zombie mode you are still human. Give them some love, they are going through this with you.

3. Eat healthy! Do not let finals week affect your nourishment. Limit yourself to one donut a day 😉

4. Believe in yourself. This week might be long, but you’ll make it through!

5. Try to meditate. Focus all that energy where it is needed. Social media will be here when you’re done.

6. Relax a little and sing Hello when needed. Don’t let stress take over you. Finals will be on the other side soon enough.

And once everything is over…

7. Celebrate! You’ve made it through!

Or just focus on the rest you deserve.

YOU GOT THIS! At the end of the day, grades do not define you.