My Letter to SCOTUS for DAPA and the Expansion of DACA

My name is Sheridan and I live in Austin, TX but was born in Mexico. I’m undocumented. I was eligible for DACA in the summer immediately getting out high school and turning 18.

I’ve had DACA since November of 2012. It’s made my life a lot more comfortable – it was the end of excuses for not having a driver’s license and not having a summer job. Things that troubled me during senior year of high school were a thing of the past. I could go to college, openly talk about my struggles, and confront the gap of liberties that lay before me, demanding more of my rights. DACA is temporary after all.


I wrote this letter because I want people to know that I need DAPA for my family. The current DACA program applies only to certain eligible youth, and my parents deserve the same mental and emotional relief that’s liberated my mind. They deserved to apply for DAPA in what would have been its implementation in early 2015, but the United States vs. Texas lawsuit has unfortunately forced them to remain in the shadows for yet another year.

When I called my mom about the announcement of President Obama’s executive action, my mom teared up. She was filled to the brim with hope, but told me, “Se que no van a dejar que pase.” She predicted that politicians would wedge themselves in and stop her from ever feeling at home in the country she’s lived in and worked in for 21 years. I’m quite frankly embarrassed that the lawsuit came out of Texas, and angered at Governor Abbott for his direct attack on my family.

I wish my mom had the same opportunities that I have with DACA because my mom deserves some peace of mind, a sustainable job, and wages that reflect her capacity to manage and lead. I hope to one day see her dreaming bigger than she already is.

We will win DAPA and the Expansion of DACA for our community. We must win. And we cannot stop there. I’ve already made my mom commit. The moment she opens her letter of approval for DAPA, hell yes we will celebrate! AND – she has to mobilize her co-workers and friends more than ever before. We cannot leave our undocumented immigrant community behind, because divided we’re powerless, but when we act together in solidarity, we rise. We are here, we are home, and we are here to stay!

I invite you to handwrite a letter and post it on social media, like I have with mine. Tag it with #HereToStay and #FightForFamilies. And last but not least, make sure to hug your undocumented loved ones. 🙂