Undocumented, Unafraid, Graduate: How Many Undocumented Immigrants are Achieving Their Dreams

Posted: 06/12/15 | 06/12/2015
My family and I in Chicago during my graduation in 2013.
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I remember my graduation from Loyola University Chicago in 2013. I saved every dollar I made for more than two years to pay for my family’s plane tickets to Chicago so they could see me walk the stage. I also remember doing research and making sure that all my family members knew their rights in case there were questioned at the airport because for many of my undocumented family members, it would be their first time flying. Not to mention figuring out how to explain and provide examples of what I studied in Spanish so that we could celebrate as a larger community. And I know I’m not the only one:

There are many undocumented students, aka #undocugrads, across the nation who have graduated or are graduating and are celebrating their accomplishment with their family, friends and community members. And it’s not just a piece of paper they’ve gained.

Whether it’s trying to navigate the enrollment process without a social security number, or figuring out how to pay for school, undocumented immigrants overcome many obstacles to complete their education. But we don’t get here by ourselves; this moment is a testament to the fight and victories that have been led by student leaders and community members throughout several years. And we can’t forget the sacrifices of our families. Graduation is just as much their accomplishment as it is ours.

Whether it was attaining your GED, High School Diploma, English Language Learners Program, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc. we want to congratulate and celebrate all UndocuGrads on thier accomplishments– because let’s face it, graduation is tough, but graduating as undocumented brings its own set of challenges. Congrats!

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Laura Bohórquez is UWD's DEEP Program Coordinator and dedicates her education to advocate for immigrant and educational rights. Follow her on Twitter