Stephen Miller Tries to Blow Up Progress on Dream Act With Anti-Immigrant Wish List

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“I am not a bargaining chip for Stephen Miller’s vendetta against brown and black people.” For Immediate ReleaseMedia Contacts: National: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812Sheridan Aguirre | | 202-793-2267Texas: Chris Valdez | | 713-352-8197 Washington, DC ​–  Today, the White House released a new version of the white nationalist, anti-immigrant wish list that some staff are trying …

Alyssa Milano, Bradley Whitford, Piper Perabo, Women’s March Join Immigrant Community to Face Down White Supremacist Protesters and Press for Dream Act

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“Republicans Must Stop Blocking the Dream Act and All Democrats Must Use Their Leverage to Get It Done to by January 19” For Immediate Release Media Contacts: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812 Asya Pikovsky | | 207-522-2442 Los Angeles, CA – Today, progressive leaders and celebrity allies, including Alyssa Milano, Bradley Whitford and Piper Perabo, launched this year’s …

As White House & Congressional Leaders Set Priorities For Jan 19 Funding Deadline, Urgent Need for Dream Act Grows

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Millions Are Vulnerable to Deportation Agents Now Hundreds More Are Becoming Vulnerable Every Week As Politicians Play Games For Immediate Release Contact:National: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812Sheridan Aguirre | | 202.793.2267Texas: Chris Valdez | | 713-352-8197 Washington, DC –  Today, senior White House staff and Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will …

Immigrant Youth Say: “We Are Here To Stay, We Are Fired Up and We Will Win the Dream Act in January!”

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For Immediate Release Contact:National: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812Sheridan Aguirre | | 202-793-2267Texas: Chris Valdez | | 713-352-8197 Washington, D.C. – Tonight, a handful of Democrats voted with Republicans to pay their bills while immigrant youth remain in danger. The votes push the decision day on the Dream Act to January. Immigrant youth have vowed to continue …

Sen. Feinstein to Immigrant Youth: “No Continuing Resolution Without the Dream Act!”

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Responds to weeks of escalating pressure from immigrant youth in CA and Washington to pass the Dream Act For Immediate Release Sheridan Aguirre | | 202-793-2267Luis Serrano-Taja | | 818-277-3343Sam Yu | | 213-703-0992 California, Washington, D.C. – With less than two days remaining this year to pass the Dream Act, immigrant youth successfully pushed Senator Dianne …

Immigrant Youth to Schumer & Democrats: Are You Leaders of the Deportation Caucus or Will You Defend the Lives of Immigrants?

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A vote for the CR without the Dream Act is a vote to deport immigrant youth For Immediate Release Contact: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812Sheridan Aguirre | | 202.793.2267Sam Yu | | 213-703-0992 Washington, DC – Today, Members of Congress will make decision on the final contours of “must pass” legislation to fund the government for an …

All Eyes on Noon Democratic Caucus Meeting Today As Senators Decide Whether to Keep Their Word on the Dream Act

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Democratic Senators Anguish Over Using Their Leverage to Pass the Dream Act This Year as 1,500 Immigrant Youth Travel to Washington for Office Sit-Ins and Protests. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812 Sheridan Aguirre | | 202.793.2267 Washington, DC – Today, the Senate Democratic Caucus will meet at noon to decide whether or not …

Advocates Tell Democratic Leaders: Fulfill Your Promise to Deliver on the Dream Act

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Major Escalation Underway As 1,500 Immigrant Youth Descend On Washington From Across the Country In Fight For Their Lives WASHINGTON — This week, Democratic Senate leaders will decide whether they will keep their word to immigrant youth to deliver the Dream Act. As 850 immigrant youth lose their protection from deportation every day, as children and young people are being …

Cuellar (D-TX) Tries to Ditch Immigrant Youth

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Washington, DC – With just days left to pass the Dream Act before the end of the year, and with immigrant youth losing their protections from deportation and being dragged to detention camps, Rep. Cuellar refuses to use his leverage to get Congress to pass the Dream Act by December 22nd.

Immigrant Leaders Break Week Long Fast Demanding Sen. Rubio & Rep. Diaz-Balart Pass a Clean Dream Act by December 22nd!

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The leaders are now headed to Washington, D.C. with Operation Dream Act Now! Miami, FL – Friday evening, over a dozen immigrant leaders broke a week long fast that called attention to the urgent need for a clean Dream Act, which would protect immigrant young people from deportation and give them a pathway to citizenship. The fast took place in …