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Think you might qualify for first time DACA or renewal application? Now’s the time to find out! Have questions about filling out your application and gathering all the documents that are needed to apply? We gotchu! View UWD’s “DACA is BACK!” Application Prep Sessions!

This is What You Need

We’ll review how to gather the documents and evidence to prove eligibility.

Filling out the Application, Part 1

We’ll review how to fill out form I-821D

Filling out the Application, Part 2

We’ll review how to fill out form I-765 & I-765WS

DACA Renewals and applying for Advance Parole

We’ll review how current DACA recipients can apply to renew and what is needed to apply for Advance Parole


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DACA application fees are $495 per person every two years! Your donation today will provide an undocumented young person with financial assistance with their DACA application fee.


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