Top 5 things you need to know about the Texas case on DACA


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The Top 5 Things You Should Know

Get Informed

New Guidance for DACA Recipients and Legal Practitioners

The latest guidance and frequently asked questions for DACA Recipients and legal practitioners.

Get Informed

Top 5 Things You Should Know

Find out exactly what Judge Hanen’s decision to partially end DACA includes and what it means for you.

Take Action

DACA Partially Ended: We Demand Citizenship Now!

ADD YOUR NAME and demand that Biden and Democrats in Congress include a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation package before the August recess.

Mental Health

UndocuHealth and Wellness Resources

Our UndocuHealth Initiative will walk you through and provide toolkits to facilitate and inform your community through these processes. 

Protect Yourself

Know Your Rights; Know Your Power

ICE and CBP might not respect our rights, but they cannot take away our POWER. Use these resources in case you have a run in with an immigration official.

Renewing Your DACA

Resources and Guides

How to Digitize your DACA application

DACA Checklist, Tips, and Mailing Instructions

Continuous Residence DACA Worksheet and Evidence

How to set up your DACA Application Cover Letter

Questions & Answers: Filling out DACA Forms (I-821D, I-765, I-765WS)

5 Steps on Checking Your DACA Case Status

Do I Need an Affidavit? Can I Use an Affidavit as Proof of DACA Requirements?

Your DACA Application Checklist

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Subscribe to United We Dream’s text line to receive information about the impact of the decision directly to your cell phone, and have someone available to answer your questions.

DACA Prep Sessions

Video Library

DACA Community Call

DACA Is Back! Prep Session 1 – What You Need to Gather

DACA is Back! – Prep Session 2 – Filling out the DACA Application, Part 1

DACA is Back! – Prep Session 3 – Filling out the Application, Part 2

DACA Prep Session 4 – DACA Renewals and applying for Advance Parole







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