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Frequently Asked Questions

[icon image=”icon-star”] Where can I find the DACA application?

[icon image=”icon-star”] Where do I send my DACA packages?

      • Go under this link http://www.uscis.gov/i-821D and check for Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
      • Or you can use this link: bit.ly/daca-application
      • Verify that you are sending to the correct address depending if you are using U.S. Postal Service or USPS Express Mail/ Courier

[icon image=”icon-star”] Where can I get help to fill out my paperwork?

      • Check out our DACA events calendar at www.weownthedream.org

[icon image=”icon-star”]What documents do I need to have translated?

      • Only your birth certificate needs to be translated. A passport is already a bilingual document

[icon image=”icon-star”] Should I hire an attorney?

      • Our efforts are focused to educate the community so that hiring an attorney is not necessary. The application is simple enough that most DREAMers can fill it out themselves. However, we do recommend you have your application reviewed, especially if your case has any red flags.

[icon image=”icon-star”] How do I pay?

      • Checks or money order should made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security do not use the initials “USDHS” or “DHS”

From Fees under USCIS DACA Guidelines

We suggest that you use a separate check or money order for each application in the pacakge and biometric fees. If a single check is submitted for multiple application and one of the application must be rejected, then all applications will be rejected. The Lockbox can not accept overpayment and make partial refunds.

Note that the requirement for biometrics fees varies depending upong your age and the benefit for which you are applying. Ensure the biometric fees submitted are correct upon age and benefit.

[icon image=”icon-star”] How do I prove that I was present on June 15, 2012?

Submit Copies of :

      • Receipts, utility bills,
      • Employment records in which your name and the name of the employer or other organization must appear on the form or letter, as well as relevant dates.
      • School Records
      • Hospital. medical records
      • Any other relevant document


      1. Before you begin filling out your forms, you must read all the instructions per form under http://www.uscis.gov/i-821D
      2. You may fill out your forms by typing or print legibly in black ink.
      3. Remember that you must submit copies of all your original documents. (Not the original documents themselves)
      4. Copy/Scan Your Entire Application: Make a photocopy or scan of your entire application, including the checks or money orders. You may need to refer to your application again in the future (or show it to an advocate or attorney). This is especially important if the Dream Act passes, or if you become eligible to file for permanent status; you will want a record of everything you stated in your DACA application.
      5. Label and Protect Your Photographs: On the back of your photographs, label in pencil your full name and date of birth. Place both photographs in a small plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) and paperclip (do not staple) them to front of your application (behind theForm G-1145).
      6. Sign All Forms: Make sure your original signature is on all USCIS forms (Form I-821Dand Form I-765)

Last updated June 23, 2012