Build the Dream is the next wave of immigrant youth-led campaigns for justice. We are rising up in Washington, in our states and in cities, schools and neighborhoods to stop racist attacks and create communities where all people can thrive.

Since Congress is not acting to protect our communities, we recruit, we organize, we build power and we use it to hold elected officials accountable and win liberation. Our campaigns confront the racism which oppresses us and supports the full humanity of each one of us.


Knowledge & Resources

We use the resources of our community to make our dream of an empowered and educated community a reality. We help people with DACA renewals, train folks on their rights, digital security and more and host webinar trainings on a variety of topics.


Leadership Building

Immigrant youth are leading and millions more are ready to step up. We are activating that potential and train the next generation of organized leaders to rock the world. We are building local United We Dream chapters, holding mass trainings and gatherings where we can share and grow.

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Take Action

Our campaigns are led by those in the communities in which we live. We organize to create safe campuses, organize voters, defend people attacked by deportation agents, organize to end ICE and racist policing and more. We empower people at the grassroots to win.

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Community Sustainability

We have the creativity, resilience and drive to change the world and the United We Dream community supports the spirit of each of our members to do just that.

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Helpful Resources