The Build The Dream Leadership Fellowship

Build The Dream is a semester-long fellowship where immigrant youth leaders across the country organize in their localities for education justice & to stop deportations. The Build The Dream Leadership Fellowship will develop the new generation of organizers in the immigrant right movement across the nation that aims to engage their leadership in an interdisciplinary youth organizing school with framework of racial justice, intersectionality, and healing lens to protect immigrants, people of color, and other vulnerable communities.

Presenting the 2018 The Build The Dream Leadership Fellowship

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Build The Dream organizing framework and programming for this leadership cohort is grounded on the following four areas:


Dream It: Knowledge & Resources, youth will gain knowledge on the history of social justice movement such as immigration, LGBTQ+, womxn, and indigenous rights to better understand the political and social moment we are in.


Power It: Leadership Building, youth will learn from experienced and local organizers on how grass-roots organizing plays an important role in society. They will gain knowledge on organizing philosophy, how to develop and run an educational and institutional campaign, transformation narrative, and critical thinking skills through a racial justice and intersectionality framework.


Make it: Take Action, youth will get hands on experience organizing events, canvassing, participating in forums, communications and digital organizing.


Feel it: Community Sustainability, lastly - but most importantly, youth will learn and grow through fun and recreational activities such as artvism, music-vism, breathing & meditation, food & plan justice, and healing. College prep, tutoring, and scholarship workshops will be offered.

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