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In the years leading up to the Dream Act 2018, we fought hard. Our parents taught us that no one was going to give us what we deserved – we had to fight like hell for our dreams. So we did.

In 2012, after years of organizing, we won DACA. Despite popular belief, it was never given to us. In fact, many of our closest allies thought we were playing our cards wrong. Even President Obama resisted our demands for executive relief. But eventually, we won. 

We didn’t just believe in our dreams, we built them. And we did it with strategy, heart, and soul. Although we are in a new political reality with much uncertainty, we know we have it in us to win again.

With the termination of DACA and the failure of our elected officials to pass the Dream Act again, now more than ever we must believe that only we have the power to create the communities we deserve. We live under an administration that does not let a day go by without attacking immigrants. That’s why we’ve created the “Build The Dream” campaign where immigrant youth will lead campaigns to build protection for immigrants at the local level

If you pledge to build the dream with us, we’ll keep you up to date about local and national organizing happening, share knowledge and resources to protect you and your family, connect you with community who understands your struggle and find opportunities to take action together. We’ve already started rolling this campaign out with NIRD, and we look forward to building the rest with you.

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