A Judge Just Ruled to Halt Immigration Executive Action. Here are 4 Things You Should Know.

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On November 20, 2014, after intense pressure from the immigrant community, President Obama announced a series of administrative reforms (or forms of deportation relief) for millions of parents who had children who are U.S. Citizens or Green Card holders. He called it the Immigration Accountability Executive Action and it protects nearly 5 million mothers, fathers, students, and workers from deportation.

This was one of the biggest victories that the immigrant rights’ movement has won. But then, as with any victory, the haters came out.

Within hours of the announcement, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (aka the sheriff that has been known to racially profile Latino drivers) challenged the President’s plan to defer deportations in a federal court.

Shortly thereafter, 17 states filed a similar case in a Brownsville, Texas federal court with 9 other states later joining the lawsuit, for a total of 26 states, in a case named Texas v. United States. All states were Republican controlled (suprise suprise, huh?).

Now fast forward to February 16, 2015 when Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanen provided a ruling on the lawsuit and issued an injunction to delay the application process of the executive actions therefore delaying delaying the deportation relief for millions of immigrants.

Now, almost 5 months later, our victory remains stalled in the courts. So what does this mean for families that might benefit from DAPA & Expanded DACA? Here are 3 things you should know:

1. This Lawsuit is Not Permanent

We are confident that the higher courts will reject this lawsuit since it has no legal merit and only wastes taxpayer dollars & attack immigrant youth, workers & families.

2. This Lawsuit does not Affect the Current DACA Program

The original DACA program was announced in 2012, giving work permits to young immigrants. DACA is completely separate from this and is here to stay–if you qualify for DACA do not let this lawsuit discourage you from applying.

3. This Lawsuit is a Predictable Republican Attack

On immigration, the Republican strategy has always been Delay! On immigration reform? Delay! On relief? Delay! On Justice? Delay! Like the old saying goes: “Haters gonna hate.

4. It Will be a While Before People Will Be Able to Apply for DAPA and Expanded DACA

There are many court hearings and appeals ahead. In May 2015, a panel of conservative judges in the 5th Circuit, without surprise, agreed with Hanen’s decision. The same judges are hearing the case and can expect a decision no later than September 2015. Depending on the outcome, the federal government could appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

So What Can I Do Now?

The path to justice is a long one, and we don’t expect this lawsuit to be resolved overnight. But we need to continue organizing and building power within our community. And we can’t do it without you.

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