Join the DACA Decision Digital Rally and Community Webinars

One thing is clear: regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision, DACA recipients and immigrants are here to stay! And we will face whatever comes our way together.

Now once the decision comes out, we know you’ll have lots of questions. So, sign up now for one of our webinars below to be the first to know what the Supreme Court decides and what it means for you.

All the webinars will occur within 24 hours of the decision coming out. We’ll have experts and leaders share information and answer your questions. Sign up now, and we’ll send you the exact time as well as how to join immediately after the decision comes out.

Home Is Here Digital Rally

Find out how to show up for DACA recipients and all immigrants at our Digital #HomeIsHere Rally! The rally will take place online in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Webinar for Undocumented Folks and People with DACA

Join our DACA Update Webinar. You’ll get answers to your questions on how the Supreme Court’s decision will affect you, your job, and find out what we can do now.

Webinar for Educators

Find out how you and your administration can support your immigrant students.

It’s going to take all of us to build the growing racial justice movement needed to stop all deportations, close the camps, and win visionary solutions that enable immigrants and all people of color to thrive, without political concessions that harm others in our community. Let’s build power together!

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Happening within 24 hours after the Supreme Court issues their decision

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