[VIDEO] DREAMers Reunite With Deported Parents at US/Mexico Border!

Today, three DREAMers, were finally able to do something they’ve waited 6 long years to do … hug their mothers and see their smiling faces. After years of separation, Evelyn Rivera, Renata Teodoro, & Carlos Padilla finally saw their parents face-to-face today by traveling to the US/Mexico Border. Evelyn Rivera, a DREAMer from the Orlando area, reunited with her mom, who was deported to Colombia 6 years ago after a traffic stop. Renata Teodora, whose mom turned herself in after her brother was unfairly detained, saw her mom after 6 years. And Carlos Padilla, a DREAMer from Seattle, finally saw his mother, who’d returned to Mexico to care for aging relatives several years ago and hasn’t been able to come back to the U.S. since.

Meanwhile, the immigration debate in Washington DC is heating up & DREAMers continue to put the pressure on Congress. They are maintaining a strong presence at the cloture vote in the Senate Gallery & are reminding politicians that DREAMers are watching and we expect them to stand with our families, create a real path to citizenship, and reunite those who’ve been separated!


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