Commit to be Part of National Immigrant Resilience Day

Join United We Dream in committing to and celebrating National Immigrant Resilience Day (NIRD)! On NIRD we celebrate the educators, students, schools, and organizations that are working with and for undocumented students by sharing what they have committed to do within their schools via resource development, policy changes, and awareness events.

  • What: National Immigrant Resilience Day
  • When: Annually on April 18
  • Where: In your classroom, school, district or organization!
  • Why: We want to build with you! We want to highlight and know what you are doing at your school and or in your community to better support, work with and for undocumented students and their families.

NOTE: The pledge should be filled out by an individual who works at the school or organization and has the authority to make a decision based on the commitment(s) made.