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Miramar, Miami’s ICE facility, has become THE epicenter for ‘turn-yourself-in-for-deportation’ meetings –A.K.A. silent raids.

That’s why we must shut it down!

Since Trump took office, we saw deportation arrests in cities like Miami increase by 75% as part of a severe attack on immigrant communities.

Now, ICE agents in Miami's ICE field office, which actually sits in Miramar in neighboring Broward County, schedule “routine” check-ins for immigrants, setting the perfect trap to detain them and place them on deportation proceedings –destroying the lives of thousands.

What’s more, in order to attend their immigration check-ins, members of our immigrant community in South Florida must travel hours to start lining up outside the Miramar Center at 4am. Once they arrive, they must endure grueling conditions: they wait outdoors for hours in Florida's blistering heat, without water, bathrooms or even shade.

That’s not all: ICE officials at Miramar overbook the check-ins while their parking lot is far too small for the large volume of people who arrive each day. Predatory tow truck companies have found an opportunity to profit. They troll the parking lot threatening to tow immigrants’ cars unless they are paid off on the spot.

The Miami ICE facility in Miramar is degrading -- and it's dangerous.

Since the Miami ICE Facility is now located in Miramar, Mayor Wayne M. Messam, the Miramar Mayor, has the power to shut down this facility and its gross mistreatment of immigrants. The city is responsible for protecting its citizens. With your support, Mayor Messam can do the right thing and revoke the ICE facility permit to stop the inhumane treatment of our community members and stop the separation of families.

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