Quiz: Can You Guess Which if These is Older Than ICE?

This March 1st, 2020 marks 17 years since the creation of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Think of this: If ICE was a young person, they wouldn't even be old enough to vote or get a drink! That's how young ICE really is.

But in those short 17 years, they have separated countless communities, over 3 million just during Obama's years in office. They have terrorized our neighbors and our friends. ICE is an agency of terror with no accountability that abuses, detains and deports immigrants domestically and at the border.

We have lived in a world without ICE, and we can do it again!

To show you what we mean, we created this short quiz! Can you tell what things in our world have been around for a shorter time than ICE? Or what things that you grew up with are older than ICE? Let’s see!

[wpViralQuiz id=37989]

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