Petition: Trump Administration Must Automatically Renew DACA Permits Expiring in 2020 & Stop Attacks at the Supreme Court!

Due to the COVID-19 USCIS office closures, we demand that Trump automatically renew DACA permits expiring in 2020 and withdraw the DACA case from the Supreme Court.

Why this is important:
Immigrant youth with DACA need their DACA permits in order to stay protected from deportation and continue working, driving, and providing financial and emotional stability to themselves and their loved ones. Renewing their DACA has become increasingly important, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts daily life and deportation agencies continue to target and detain immigrants at home and at hospitals.

Right now, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has decided to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19, resulting in the closure of USCIS offices nationwide until May 3, but potentially longer.

As part of the renewal process, DACA recipients must provide their fingerprints in-person at USCIS offices. By shutting down offices, immigrant youth with DACA whose status expires in 2020 are at risk of falling out of status, losing their livelihoods and healthcare, and being put in the pipeline for deportation.

I demand, in the face of a global health crisis, Trump must swiftly and automatically renew DACA status for all immigrant youth whose DACA expires in 2020. In addition, we demand that Trump withdraw his case to terminate DACA from the Supreme Court.

With so much at stake for immigrants, DACA means the difference between weathering through this crisis together or putting people in harm’s way.

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