SCOTUS: DELAY DACA Decision During Covid-19 Pandemic

As our country grapples with the impact of COVID-19, we urge the Supreme Court Justices to DELAY issuing a ruling on DACA during the national health emergency

Why this is important:
Get this: right in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, the Supreme Court is scheduled to issue a ruling that could put 800,000 immigrant youth in danger of being deported and put their jobs at risk.

Trump has tried to end the DACA program that protects immigrant youth and so far we’ve been able to slow him down.

Now it’s up to the Supreme Court but their decision could not come at a worse time.

Amidst this public health crisis, DACA recipients need to stay protected from deportation and continue working, driving, and providing financial and emotional stability to themselves and their loved ones.

The Supreme Court should delay their decision until our country has made it through the COVID-19 crisis. The LAST thing immigrant youth and the entire country needs is more chaos and danger at a time like this.

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