End All 287(g) ICE Contracts

On June 30, 2019, 78 contracts between ICE and local police will expire. We need leaders like you to gather your community to stop the Deportation Force in your county!

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What is 287(g)?

The 287(g) program is a voluntary agreement between local police and ICE to work together to detain and deport the city’s immigrant residents. The program deputizes local police as deportation agents that are under direct oversight of an ICE supervisor, allowing the local police officer to:

  • Interview individuals to determine their immigration status
  • Search for and enter data into ICE’s database
  • Issue ICE detainers (or “immigration holds”), which allow the police officer to hold a person for up to 48 hours for ICE to pick up and transfer to a detention camp, even if the charges are dropped.

The end result? People of color (whether U.S. citizens, immigrants, or undocumented) are subject to racial profiling, discrimination, and violation of civil rights.

But we can fight back! On June 30, 2019, 78 contracts for the 287(g) program will expire and be up for renewal. We must pressure sheriffs to NOT renew, and urge local elected officials in cities, counties and states to oppose the contract renewals.

Lead a Campaign to End 287(g)

Step 1: Search for a 287(g) Contract Near You.

We’ve drafted up a sample petition that you can use to start your campaign. All you have to do is go to the campaign page, find your county, and click to "Become a Leader". This means you will commit to lead that campaign by promoting it, getting signatures, and delivering them to the target. Don't worry, we will have your back throughout the entire campaign, give you a quick training online, and equip you with the tools you'll need to succeed.

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Step 2: Promote Your Campaign & Gather Signatures.

Here are some things you can try to create a buzz around your petition:

  • Share on your personal social media and ask your friends and family members to sign. Use our Social Media Toolkit below to spread the word. Just add the link to your petition.

  • If you are a part of an email listserve at school or anywhere else, send a quick email asking people to sign.
  • Ask your friends or community members to share your petition with their networks.
  • Ask non-profits and pages to share for you.

Step 3: Create Change in Your Community

Once you have at least 200 signatures on your petition, gather a few community members and friends and deliver your petition to your local sheriff’s office! In the future, we will continue to provide you with videos, explainers and other tools that you can use to organize your community and demand your local sheriff stop collaborating with the Deportation Force.

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