The Undocumented Cookbook by Immigrant Volume 1

United We Dream is proud to present the first digital volume of The Undocu Cookbook, featuring 9 recipes by immigrants and immigrant households!

During this time of great pain and grief, the joy, pleasure, and comfort of Black people, immigrants and people of color becomes more important than ever. By cooking and sharing a meal together, our multiracial communities are able to create peace for our loved ones and be reminded of our family and ancestral stories of laughter, resilience, and hope.

United We Dream is excited to share this first digital volume of recipes submitted by people with roots in Bangladesh, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico and more.

As countless immigrant households shelter in place to protect themselves from COVID-19, we are happy to celebrate the creative, love-filled meals and treats that our community is bringing to the dinner table to comfort our loved ones and take pride in our cultures.

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