The We Can’t Wait Campaign was created by United We Dream to address the most pressing and most painful issues facing the undocumented community: deportations and family separation. Under President Obama, we've lost 2 million mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to an enforcement system created only to tear our families apart and our families need relief now.

This doesn’t mean waiting around for House Republicans to change their anti-immigrant ways. It means tearing down President Obama’s deportation machine and building on the successes of the DACA program and extending affirmative relief to include our parents and others who remain targets for deportation.

Interactive Timeline of the #WeCantWait Campaign

Democrats calling on President Obama to stop deportations

United We Dream and our affiliates have been leading the fight in pressuring Democratic leadership to urge President Obama to take action. Now close to 100 Democrats from the Senate, House, and Local states are calling on the President to halt deportations and expand relief to our families!

Rep. Sam Farr (CA-20)

The Human Cost of Inaction

Every day that President Obama fails to take action to halt deportations, 1,100 people are deported and countless separated from their families. These are some of those families.