We invite you to take urgent action along immigrant right’s organizations to demand Biden shut down detention centers, release all people in immigration detention, and end deportations!

Demand Justice!

#NoDetention #NoDeportation

In 2021, Biden said to anti-detention organizers in Georgia, “Give me 5 days” to shut down private detention centers. Biden has failed to live up to its promises of a more just and humane immigration system and systemic abuses at the hands of ICE and CBP persist under Biden. In the last 20 years, lawmakers have funneled 1.4 trillion dollars to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that could have been used to care for our communities. Most recently:

  • Ramping up punitive enforcement, detention, and surveillance.
  • ICE & CBP continue their history of violence and abuse.
  • ICE & CBP consistently misuse and manipulate taxpayer dollars.