DACA Renewal – All The Information You Need To Know if You Are Looking to Renew

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[Disclaimer: In these uncertain times, knowledge is power. Here find tools below to help you make an informed decision about renewing your DACA. Please note that we are not lawyers, and therefore we cannot provide legal advice.]

UPDATE (as of April 24, 2018):

After the recent D.C. court decision ruling that the decision to end DACA was unlawful, USCIS policy on DACA applications has not changed. If you have never applied for DACA before, you cannot apply now. See below for more information about DACA renewals.

Right now, DACA recipients can apply to renew their DACA. However, we do not know how long young immigrants will be able to continue to renew their DACA. Trump decided to end DACA during the first year of his presidency, and although courts have made it possible for renewals to be open again, we do not have sufficient information to affirmatively say that they will remain open. The White House, the Courts, or Congress could have opportunities to close them at some point in the future. There is also uncertainty about what Trump’s administration would do with the information submitted to USCIS when renewing DACA.

This blog is for you to use as a tool to keep yourself informed and to help you make your own decision on renewing your DACA.

Here’s a quick checklist to know if you can apply for renewal now:

  • You have applied AND received DACA before.
  • You must not have departed the U.S. on or after August 15, 2012, without first having been granted advance parole.
  • You must have resided continuously in the U.S. from the time you submitted the initial request for DACA up until the present time.
  • You must not have been convicted of a felony, a significant misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors, and must not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety. If you do not have felonies. If you do, please consult with a lawyer.


USCIS will handle the processing of DACA cases with more than 150 days left before expiration. USCIS encourages DACA recipients to complete their renewal application during the 120-150 day window before expiration to provide enough time for processing and to avoid a lapse in their DACA. However, requests received earlier than 150 days will be accepted. Remember, that if you apply earlier than 150 days before expiration, there may be an overlap between your current DACA and your renewal.

If you are looking to renew your DACA, but need financial support, please visit our following blogs for more information:

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Here are some more frequently asked questions: