Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense’s mission is to prevent and stop deportations at the individual, local, state and national level. We aim to achieve our goal through education, leadership development, civic engagement and direct action.

About UWD’s Deportation Defense

United We Dream’s Deportation Defense Program connects, trains and empowers local communities to defend their rights, stop unjust deportations, and combat the ongoing collaboration between local police and immigration authorities.

We will no longer allow our communities to be daily targets of a racist and for-profit detention and deportation machine. We must know our power to restore justice, regain dignity, and to truly protect and serve our immigrant communities in this country.

Report Immigration Activity

Report it to our secured MigraWatch Hotline.

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Know Your Power

Tools to defend yourself against I.C.E.

Check Them Out

An Informed Community is a Powerful Community.

In this moment, we are our own protectors. It is essential that you know our rights in case immigration agents come knocking at your door. Check out United We Dream’s Know Your Rights resources to stay informed and help protect you and your family.

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Deportation Defense Tools

Join Us! We’ve Got Your Back

United We Dream is committed to win! Join our community of over 300,000 (mostly undocumented) immigrant youth from across the country to receive trusted information and free resources on Education Equity as well as to join the growing movement and continue fighting to protect our communities from Trump’s mass deportation agenda.