Dark & Light

By Bo Thai

Illustrated by Kazayra Miranda


i pour my heart like liquor
dark and light
it’s all on paper

cause in front of others 
it’s out of sight
out of mind
keep it hidden cause it don’t matter

never mind me
not like it’s going to make a difference

am i oversharing 
are my thoughts overbearing
the paper shoulders my pain
I tell it that i’m worth it
that it’s okay to simply exist

that beneath all this running
deep down 
i just wanna be enough

because I was tired of proving to myself that I’m worth it
so I found community amongst the restless
broken artists
who felt they needed to justify their existence
who didn’t know what to do with their pain

hoping that all their running 

would fill the emptiness they felt
whatever guilt and rejection they felt
whatever healing they thought they felt
without knowing what healing truly means

so i pour my heart like liquor
dark and light
it’s all on paper

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