Inspired by Our Ancestors

By Julissa Ruiz Ramirez

Illustrated by Paloma Cordova


Inspired by our ancestors
We fight for our liberation 
We lead with love for our people and Tonantzin
It is our obligation 

We come from stardust, we are one
Matter cannot be created nor destroyed
We are George Floyd

Comrades have died
Elders have fled
Our people assassinated in their bed

Centuries of occupation
Our liberation awaits

Forced into our chains
Internal, self hatred
Capital, for gains

Comrades have died
Elders have fled
Our people assassinated in their bed

Within our lifetime 
We change the course
Of history
With our collective force

Education Revelation
Education Revelation
Education Revolution

Inspired by our ancestors, we protest and organize
Being with community, we laugh and cry

Much love to my comrades, current and passed
It is an honor to fight alongside you
Nosotr@s somos más

All of these systems of oppression 
Will crumble
Will fall
A new world will be created, they will hear our call
Our new world order will rumble
Those in power will tremble

We’re no longer asking
We’re demanding 
This is an uprising 
Not comprising 
Our values or our vision for our collective liberation


This March marks 21 years of ICE CBP & DHS terrorizing our immigrant communities.

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