By Bo Thai

Illustrated by Kazayra Miranda


i’ll be with you when you choose to
i was made special
not because of what i am
but by the intention and prayers channeled into me
by children who become ancestors
by daughters who becomes mothers
and strangers who become family 
i’m rare but not exclusive 
one of a kind 
not because i’m different
but because i hold stories 
of generations
of self discovery
i am dirt molded into an image of liberation 
a philosophy, a reminder of dhamma
i was there in your village 
in your city, across the country
along with all the people and places in your ancestry
your aunt your mother
and their families beyond blood
who chose to care for each other 
now i am here with you
when you let me be
i’ll be with you through thick and thin
through fear and love and everything in between
i’m the bond between generations of love
a token to remind you
of all the good intentions put forth
of the kind of love that wishes nothing but freedom
from the animosity and trauma that hold you back
i am your protection 
but not just yours
i can’t be owned
only borrowed or gifted
i have no inherent value
i am priceless
i’ve seen your growth
from your rejection of self
to your feelings of inadequacy
to your shame, your guilt
but i am here when you need to connect back
for when the world feels empty
i am your reminder 
of the three bridges in your life
a bridge to yourself
your roots
and the world
i’ll be there for you if you let me be
and you’ll be there for yourself too if you let yourself be
so be free
free of doubt
you are loved but moreso
you are blessed 
so tap back in when you’re ready
to the connection of your heart and roots
i am earth molded with love and intention
to an image
that reminds you
that energy comes in forms
silly child
don’t be blind 
to what you see
look beyond
look deep
to feel the intentions and love 
i am a necklace 
hidden behind your shirt
from the world
but not your heart

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