The Abrazos Agreement (2021)*

By Ayling Dominguez

Illustrated by Karla Rosas



To put an end to exclusion, and proliferate care.

Whereas in the opinion of collectives of care spanning the globe there is a remarkable need for a love ethic. Therefore,

Be it enacted by the people, 

Arriving by earth and water, and weaving stories into the wind,
That migration be seen as natural movement 
That we be heedful and nurturing 
of revolution
That in any and all circumstances, we place community over constitution.

Erect a museum for all the things we carried 
and lost along the way; Virgencitas with new home in the desert
backpacks trodden down and wearied;
Construct an arboretum 
to seed all that has helped us stay.

That our butterfly hearts be given room to flutter; our butterflies live there
Not in our stomachs
On account of all the border-altered love stories; maripositas con corazones aventureros

That our stories help us stay.

That all which has helped us stay
Be well- and full-loved
That intersectional struggles and
values be honored, 
That we pull and learn 
from the Earth and each other,
That not one more ever be turned away.
Y ni una más ever taken from us;
That rainy seasons bring the sweetest blossoms, 
and flood the streets with trust. 

The Act entitled “An Act to put an end to exclusion, and proliferate care,” approved 2021, shall remain. 

Approved 2021. 

*A poetic rescission of the 1942 Bracero Agreement.

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