By Lucy Galarza

Illustrated by Ariana Manzanilla


I’m not sure where our story ends
Was it our last kiss, our last date
Or the day I moved back home to give you space
Looking back it’s clear when we started drifting away
Ironically it happened when we got our own place
Part of me wants to blame it on the pandemic
And on the fact that I wasn’t ready to compromise 
And you were so disorganized
But we both know it’s deeper than that
It doesn’t matter that we’re both so forgiving 
When there’s wounds that need more healing

Even if our lives together had just begun
We both knew what had to be done
Love should flow like fish swimming downstream
And for a while you were better than a dream
Until being with you felt lonelier than being alone
I thought that perhaps we could atone
We talked about how we both needed to mature
And that you have faith that this is just a small detour 
But what if it’s not?
What if this is how our story ends?

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