By Lucy Galarza

Illustrated by Ariana Manzanilla


The hardest thing I’ve had to do is choose myself 
When all I wanted was to choose you
It didn’t help that it was a drawn-out pandemic winter
And I became wilted without your touch
Remember that poem I wrote to you that said loving you was easy?
And now we’ve forgotten how to love
So where do I begin to love myself after falling apart?
Maybe the answer is in the resilience of the tulips and the daffodils
In the way that they initiate Spring even if there’s still frost on the ground
In the way that they welcome weeks of dark, heavy clouds 
In the way that they blossom on their own time 

Even if this is where our story ends
I know that I’m more resilient than any flower
Even if I don’t have you
I have myself and my power

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