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For Immediate Release

Victor Guillén Febres

Immigrants in Oklahoma are Here to Stay!

We won’t stop fighting until all anti-immigrant bills in Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond are defeated
Contact: press@unitedwedream.org

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Earlier this month, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 4156, an extreme, anti-immigrant bill that would increase policing in the state and allow state law enforcement to racially profile, target and criminalize whoever they choose. Specifically, House Bill 4156 and other deliberately racist copycat policies –including SB4 in Texas– would give police unchecked power to arrest, detain, and deport people who they suspect of being undocumented, putting at risk the lives and safety of Black and brown people and immigrants especially. HB4156 is set to take effect as early as July 1.

Cynthia Garcia, Co-Organizing Director of United We Dream, said:

“Immigrant young people, young people of color, and allies everywhere are taking bold, courageous action to fight back against extremist policies in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and beyond. We know HB 4156 –and dozens of copycat bills just like it, including SB4 in Texas– are intended to make our communities a target in the very places we call home. As a queer, undocumented Oklahoman, I refuse to stand by while my life and those in my community are put at risk. 

Evil white supremacist politicians across the country are coordinating a slate of copycat bills, all resembling Texas’ SB4, in order to create the infrastructure to carry out their mass detention and deportation plans. We see and know what they’re doing, and we won’t stop fighting until all of these policies are defeated. 

It’s no coincidence that it was the power of queer, Black, brown and immigrant Oklahomans who were able to severely stall Governor Stitt’s decision making. We are organized and ready to keep fighting until we tear down hateful bills like HB 4156 brick by brick.”

Jose Rubio, Deputy Executive Director of Dream Action Oklahoma:

“Growing up undocumented in Oklahoma, I’ve witnessed firsthand the relentless attacks by white supremacist politicians on our community. This latest assault, HB 4156, is no exception. 

Despite Governor Stitt’s claims that Oklahoma will not tolerate racism or discrimination, his signing of this bill exposes his political agenda, using HB 4156 to empower law enforcement against immigrant communities to target, detain and deport them. Oklahoma sees through his lies and won’t stay idle in these attacks. 

The people of Oklahoma are no strangers to fighting harmful policies, grounded in the fight against HB 1804 in the early 2000s and the power of people centered coalitions. We’ll continue to expose them and we will continue fighting to stop this unconstitutional law. This is our home, and we’re here to stay.”


United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation; made up of a multi-racial and multi-ethnic network of 1.2 million members, over 100 local groups, and a reach of over 5 million per month. UWD’s vision is to push for just policies that allow everyone to thrive regardless of immigration status. United We Dream is fighting for a multi-racial democracy that works for everyone by building a movement of young people who organize and advocate for the dignity and justice of immigrants and communities of color. You can find more at www.unitedwedream.org.

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