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Top 5 things you need to know about the DACA court hearing.

Last year, the Texas Federal District Court decision which ruled DACA was illegal and stopped initial requests from being granted by USCIS. This decision was appealed and sent to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Today, the Fifth Circuit Court has been presented with oral argument from lawyers on why DACA is right and legal. Here are the top 5 things you should know:

This Texas case (Texas v. U.S.) focuses on the legality of the DACA policy itself.

This case is different from the Supreme Court case we won in 2020, which focused on the legality of how Trump ended the DACA policy.

As of now, nothing has changed for DACA recipients and DACA eligible youth:

  1. If you have DACA right now: you are still protected and will be able to continue to renew for now. 
  2. Advance Parole will remain open to DACA recipients. 
  3. DHS is NOT granting first-time applications as of July 16, 2021.

DACA could be heading back to the Supreme Court.

  1. A negative ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals could end DACA and would immediately be appealed to the Supreme Court. 
  2. DHS is set to publish a new rule on DACA in August – it is unknown if this new rule will allow initial requests to be processed and approved 
  3. Now is the time to renew! If your DACA expires in less than a year, you should renew now.  Text DACA INFO to 877-877 to get resources and updates.

We are in this together.

We are here for you and have your back. We were here before DACA and we are here to stay no matter what happens. Part of keeping our movement strong is you giving yourself the care you need in critical times like this. To get UndocuHealth resources visit our website, text “UHEALTH” to 877-877.

DACA recipients and DACA eligible youth should not be living from court decision to court!

We need permanent protections now! Biden and Congress must deliver Text DACA INFO to learn how to take action.

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