Notice: DACA Texas Case

On July 16, 2021, a judge in Texas ordered the DACA program to be partially ended. This order affects Initial DACA applications. Some information regarding initial DACA applications might be out of date on this page. For the latest, read our Guidance for DACA Recipients and Legal Practitioners.

How to set up your DACA Application Cover Letter

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So I have completed all the forms, gathered all documentation necessary, I am ready to send in my DACA application package! What now?

When sending in your DACA application,  it is helpful to include a cover letter. This will help you keep your application organized and serve as a table of contents to the USCIS officer reviewing your documents to walk them through your package.

You can also use your cover letter as a checklist to ensure you have included all necessary forms and documents in your application package.

You cover letter should include:

  • USCIS Lockbox Address where you’re sending your application.
  • Date of letter
  • A subject (re:) line
  • Greeting
  • A brief introductory paragraph/sentence to say what’s in the letter and package.
  • A list of content in the application packet in order of inclusion in your packet.
  • Closing, signature and printed name.

Remember not to staple any of the documents, use paper clips if necessary.

Only submit copies of your documents and the original forms, keep originals of all documents used for proof.

Mail in your package as certified mail.

Here is a sample letter that you can edit depending on what you are including in the packet:

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