The Top Things You Should Know About Renewing Your DACA Online.

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USCIS announced DACA renewal forms can now be filed online, making it that much easier to renew! Here are the top things you should know:

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. To file your DACA online, you must create a free USCIS online account 
  2. Filing online won’t change how DACA renewals are currently being processed
  3. USCIS will continue to accept the latest paper version of your renewal by mail
  4. Biometric appointments are being scheduled again for a few cases, but most cases are still using biometrics gathered from your last appointment

Online filing only applies to DACA renewals!

Unfortunately, no first-time initial DACA requests are being granted at this time. More information on this here.

DACA is still under attack!

This update eases the burden on applicants who must renew every two years, but DACA is still at risk of being removed by the Courts. If your DACA expires within the year, it is important that you renew as soon as possible.

Text “DACAINFO” to 877-877 to get the latest updates.

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