USCIS Announces DACA Fee Increase

USCIS will increase the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) total filing fee and the filing fee to request Advance Parole starting April 1, 2024. USCIS will implement changes to their fee structure that will impact the cost of certain applications. DACA requests (initial and renewal) currently cost a total of $495. However, after Apr 1, 2024, individuals submitting their renewals online will pay a total of $555 while those who submit their renewals on paper will have to pay a total of $605. (When filing on paper, two separate checks or money orders should be submitted: $85 for the Form I-821D and $520 for the Form I-765). Additionally, the cost for applying for Advance Parole will also change from $575 to $630.

If you currently have DACA and it is set to expire anytime within the next six months, you should consider renewing ASAP. If you do not know when your expiration date is, look at your work permit to find that date. Since USCIS is experiencing some delays in processing, you do not want to wait too long to renew if you can avoid it. A lapse in your DACA can put you at risk of losing your job, some benefits, or accruing “unlawful presence.” It is also important to note that renewing too early may result in cutting off time from the current DACA issuance period.

If you need financial assistance in renewing your DACA, check out UWD’s DACA Resource Page. If you need help identifying the recommended period USCIS suggests renewals to be submitted, check out NILC’s DACA Renewal Calculator.

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