K-12 Educator DACA Decision Resource

Objective: This resource will allow K-12 educators to have concrete tools on how to support the undocumented community during the Supreme Court’s Decision on DACA 


On November 12, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) case and will issue their decision any time between March and June of 2020. This decision will not only directly impact the lives of 700,000 DACA recipients who are students, teachers, parents and family members but also the 3.9 million students who are part of mixed-status families in our schools. 

While educators must continue to embrace the resilience of our undocumented students in our schools, they must also be prepared to address the detrimental impact that the Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA will have in their entire school community.  

Administrators, teachers and school staff are often the first line of support for hundreds of thousands of students and families who are vulnerable to detention and deportation. We ask you to take action by implementing these  best practices in your school community to show support for the undocumented community in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on DACA.

Best Practices

1. Learn about the impact of the DACA decision and its implications for undocumented students and families in your school community

2. Create a Safe Space in your classroom and school by adopting one of these practices:

  • Post and discuss Safe & Welcoming Visuals [ex. Discuss in homeroom, advisory, lesson, whole school assemblies]
  • Facilitate spaces around DACA and its impact on your community [Ex. community & healing circles]
  • Virtual: Discuss DACA in your online classroom by including a discussion of the decision in your google classroom or blackboard and open pinned discussions in forum threads 

3. Share and amplify the stories of undocumented students, educators, and staff in your lessons and classroom discussions in person and virtually 

4. Proactively share & connect ALL families to resources on DACA and other immigration policies in the languages spoken in your school community 

5. Commit to supporting DACAmented students, educators, and staff  in your schools through the following actions:

  • Adopt and implement for pro-immigrant policies and practices to protect the rights of undocumented students [Safe Zone Resolutions, Open-ID policy, ICE Protocols.] Learn about it here.
  • Advocate for permanent solutions for immigrant youth, their families, and undocumented people across the country that do not harm their communities. 

Visit and the to learn more and download resources for your classroom and school community.

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