For DACA recipient who needs support

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I’m a DACA Recipient, what do I need to know about President Trump’s Announcement to end DACA and the latest legal challenges?

Check out this link:

I need help paying my DACA renewal fees— how can the DACA Renewal Fund help?

UWD has provided resources to a number of local partners across the country. Please find that list below and reach out to them for support.

If you’re a DACA beneficiary of Mexican origin, remember that your consulate offers you assistance. We invite Mexican DACA recipients to approach their consulate for an immigration screening and individualized legal assistance. Click HERE for a list of local Mexican Consulates or call 855-463-6395.



Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia




New Jersey

New Mexico

New York




*If there is not a local partner listed in your geography, please fill out a short questionnaire HERE and we will do our best to connect you with support.