For DACA recipient who needs support

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I need help paying my DACA renewal fees— how can the DACA Renewal Fund help?

Numerous organizations across the country are providing DACA assistance. Please find that list below and reach out to them for support. If you're state is not listed below, you may request funds from UWD DACA Application Fund Here

If you’re a DACA beneficiary of Mexican origin, remember that your consulate offers you assistance. We invite Mexican DACA recipients to approach their consulate for an immigration screening and individualized legal assistance. Click HERE for a list of local Mexican Consulates or call 855-463-6395.


  • Arizona Center For Empowerment  —
    • Located in Phoenix, serving surrounding area and county, and can support folks who live further away via phone/video. 
    • Services:
      • DACA Renewal Clinics 
      • Financial Support for Renewals available, 0% interest loans through Marisol Federal Credit Union
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services 
        • Call or email: 4803312294,
      • Training, workshops, referrals to legal services, resources for U-Visas, informational resources for folks who are detained
  • Arizona Dream Act Coalition  —
    • Located in Phoenix 
    • Services: 
      • DACA Renewal Clinics
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services 
        • Call or email: 6028423748,


  • CHIRLA  —
    • Located in Los Angeles, serving surrounding area and statewide
    • Services: 
      • DACA Clinics and DACA Renewal Legal Services
        • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays (closed if a long weekend). Client must be in line by 8AM.  
        • Call or email: 213-201-8713,
      • Limited funding for full financial support for USCIS fees
  • Korean Resource Center  —
    • Located in Los Angeles, serving the surrounding area and county
    • Services: 
      • DACA Clinics
        • Monday through Thursday via appointments only, call office number 
          • 323-205-4187 (LA)
          • 714-869-7624 (OC) 
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services
        • Can provide free legal consultation with attorney and other immigration relief screening
  • Solidarity  —
    • Located in Fullerton, serving the surrounding area and county
    • Services: 
      • Know Your Rights Training
      • We prepare and submit DACA renewals on behalf of our clients
      • Call or email: 657-217-2365
    • Located in San Francisco, serving Northern California
    • Services: 
      • Legal Services: We complete DACA renewals in house
        • Drop in office hours 9 am to 12 pm, M-F
  • Haitian Bridge Alliance  —
    • Located in San Diego, serving nationally
  • Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN)  —

Call at (408) 453-3003



  • Catholic Charities Indianapolis
    • Located in Indianapolis, serving statewide.
    • Services: 
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services:
        • One-on-one appointments available for new clients.
        • Call or email: 317-592-4008,


  • Illinois Business Immigration Coalition  —
    • Located in Chicago, serving statewide and nationally
    • Services:
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services:
        • Email at
      • Workplace Know Your Rights, I-9 Compliance Training, General Consultations


  • El Centro, Inc.  — 
    • Located in Kansas City, serving Wyandotte, Johnson and Shawnee County in Kansas. 
    • Services: 
      • DACA Clinics
        • Fourth Saturday of every month from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
          • In order to get an appointment for the clinic, we have to have a pre-appointment. 
        • For a pre-appointment: Call, email or walk-in during office hours (M-F 8 am - 5 pm) 
      • We partner with lawyers that serve our community and they give us pro-bono hours. 
      • We have a list of lawyers in the community, we have lists/handbooks of scholarships available for undocumented students; and we may have other services that impact their lives. 


  • CASA de Maryland, Inc  —
    • Located in Hyattsville and also serving individuals from Washington, D.C. 
      • Offices in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania) and we also 
    • Services: 
      • DACA renewal assistance by appointment.  
        • Call Emily Sullivan at 240-491-5764
      • Potential access to loans available.
      • Legal Services 


  • El Pueblo Immigration Legal Services  —
    • Located in Biloxi, serving Southern and Central Mississippi
    • Services: 
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services 
        • Call or email at 228-436-3986,

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Immigrant Law Center  —
    • Located in Albuquerque, serving statewide
    • Services: 
      • DACA clinic Wednesdays 1 pm to 4:30 pm
      • Legal clinics ProSe

New York

    • Make the Road NY  —
      • Located in New York
      • Services: 
        • Legal Services 
          • Call or email at 7185658500 ext 4456,
          • Drop in office hours during office hours (9:30am -10pm, M-Thursday)
    • Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)  —

    • Located in New York Citywide, serving surrounding area including northern NJ
    • Services: 
        • DACA Clinics Last Thursday of every month at 6:00--8:00pm ET
        • DACA legal services are generally available to undocumented AAPI youth only
        • AALDEF collaborates with community groups on DACA renewal workshops and provides training to pro bono attorneys/law firms.
    • Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC, Inc.  —
      • Located in New York
      • Services: 
        • DACA renewal Legal Services
          • Make an appointment to renew by calling 212-791-5690x100.
        • Referrals to legal and social services, limited case management, short-term crisis counseling
        • "Know Your Rights" Workshops, leadership development trainings, Scholarships and support for undocumented students, Food Pantry for local community members.
    • Minkwon Center for Community Action  —
      • Located in Flushing, serving surrounding including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
      • Services:
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services
          • Call or Email: 7184605600 ext. 503,


    • Make the Road Nevada  —
      • Located in Las Vegas
      • Services: 
        • DACA clinics 
        • Fundraising to support renewals
    • Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
      • Located in Reno
      • Services:
        • Legal Services
          • Call at 775-800-1851

    • UNLV Immigration Clinic  —
      • Located in Las Vegas, serving surrounding county 
      • Services:
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services 
          • Volunteer law students provide free assistance, supervised by licensed attorneys
          • Call to schedule an appts. 702-895-2080
        • Working with community organizations to develop referrals to funds for the application fees
        • Legal consultations to students and their families at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and College of Southern Nevada. 
    • Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada
      • Located in Reno, Serving Northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra - our outreach goes to all counties through Nevada except for Clark County
      • Services: 
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services, Legal consultations, case management
        • Call 775-393-3877 or email, open Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

    North Carolina

    • Church World Service (CWS)  —
      • Located in Durham, serving statewide
      • Services:
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services
          • DOJ-recognized organization with DOJ-accredited representatives providing these services at low-bono fees
          • Call or email at 919-680-3585,
    • World Relief Durham  —
      • Located in Durham, serving statewide
      • DACA Renewal Legal Services
        • First-time clients, $50 for the consult and $150 for the representation
        • Call 919-251-8624 or Schedule an appointment online:


    • Casa San Jose  —
      • Located in Pittsburgh, serving surrounding area including Southwestern Pennsylvania 
      • Services: 
        • DACA Clinics 
          • Call 412-343-3111 to make an appointment
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services
        • If needed, we could provide financial support


    • Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma  —
      • Located in Tulsa, serving Eastern Oklahoma
      • Services: 
    • Dream Action Oklahoma  —
      • Located in Oklahoma City, serving Mostly OKC MSA, but people drive 3+ hours to get to our clinics from other parts of the state.
      • Services: 
        • DACA Clinics
        • Legal Services:
          • Attorneys volunteer to do pro bono review of DACA renewal forms.
          • Refer out for other legal services, provide KYP training and workshops, and case management as we have capacity.


    • Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition  —
      • Located in Nashville, serving statewide.
      • Call or email at 615-414-1030,


    • Equal Justice Center  —
      • Located in Austin, serving surrounding area and county 
      • Services: 
        • DACA Clinics as needed, with community partners
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services
          • Call or email at 512-474-0007 x209,
    • Opening Doors International Services, Inc.  —
      • Located in Denton, serving the surrounding region including North Texas and beyond
      • Services: 
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services
          • Call or email at 9403820096,
        • Screenings for permanent benefits 
    • Catholic Charities of Central Texas  —
      • Located in Austin, serving 25 counties of central Texas
        • Services: 
          • DACA Renewal Legal Services
            • Drop in during walk in office hours (M-F 8:30am)
            • Call or email at 512 651 6125,
          • DACA Presentations upon request
    • American Gateways  —
      • Located in Austin, serving Central Texas including 23 counties, listed on our website
      • Services: 
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services:
          • Drop in office hours Mon-Thursday, 9-12 (Austin) 9-2 (SATX) 
          • By appointment only Waco (254) 230-0382 
    • North Texas Dream Team  —
      • Located in Dallas, serving statewide, including DFW North Texas, Fort Worth, Mansfield, East Texas
      • Email at
    • The Council For Minority Student Affairs  —
      • Located in College Station, serving University campus and surrounding college station/Bryan community
      • Student-led organization at Texas A&M University that aims to create awareness, provide resources, and take action to empower the immigrant and other underrepresented communities.


    • Immigrant Legal Services  —
      • Located in Salt Lake City, serving statewide. 
        • Available to support people in other parts of the country but processing times will be longer due to the need to mail documents back and forth. 
      • Services: 
        • Reduced cost DACA Renewal Legal Services.
          • Email or call us on 801-888-9186


    • Just Neighbors  —
      • Located in Annandale, Herndon and serving Northern VA but also some expansion in rural areas of VA. Contact for specific cities.
      • Services:
        • DACA Renewal Legal Services:
          • Just Neighbors is currently taking DACA renewals/screenings as they come in.
          • Call at 703-979-1240
    • NAKASEC Virginia  —
      • Located in Annandale, serving statewide 
      • Services:
        • Assistance with filling out your DACA renewal
          • email, or call directly at 703-256-2208.

    *If there is not a local partner listed in your geography check out: 

      • Immi legal services search engine HERE
      • The Immigration Advocates Network Legal Services Directory HERE
      • If you're state is not listed above, you may request funds from UWD DACA Application Fund Here