DACA allows undocumented immigrant youth to work legally, get a driver's license,
and protection from deportation. Find out how you can apply if you qualify or help others.

What are thooossseee?

In 2010, thousands of people like us who were tired of being afraid, organized and took action together to push President Obama to protect immigrant youth from deportation. And in 2012, after a two year battle, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (aka DACA) was born. Now immigrant youth can apply for DACA. But what in the world is it? DACA is a two-year renewable program announced by President Obama after pressure from immigrant youth. It gives immigrant youth the ability to apply for a work permit, a social security number, be protected from deportation, and even get a driver's license (Holla!). Some of the benefits of having DACA include:

Getting a Driver's Licenses
Sweet ride not included.

Yeaaah! No more having to make up stories when your friends ask you why you don't have a driver's license.

Making More Money!

80% of people that have DACA said that they can better support their families financially. And even get something nice for themselves.

Applying for Credit Cards
Cha-Ching! (Responsibly of course)

The cool thing about a social security is being able to build your credit! But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Live your dreams

84% of people who have DACA say they feel more freedom. Well with not having to worry about deportation, who wouldn't?

Who Can Get

Undocumented immigrant youth (meaning you don't have any papers) that

1) are 15 years or older.
2) came to the U.S. before they were 16 years old,
3) were under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012
4) Have lived in the U.S. continuously since 2007
5) We're physically in the U.S. on June 15, 2012 and
6) have received their high school diploma or GED (or are working on it) may be eligible to apply for DACA

Sign up here to get access to Own The Dream's free DACA screening tool to see if you're eligible.

Who has DACA?

Close to 700,000 lives have been changed thanks to DACA. Meet some of them:

Anayeli S.

“Thanks to DACA I will be able to continue my education. I am awaiting acceptance into Nursing School and am able to support my son as a single mother. I was able to purchase a car and I have a great job helping kids with special needs. Thanks to DACA I am making my dream come true!”.

David C.
New York

“Since I received DACA, I have been able to gain more independence over my life. A month after receiving my driver’s license, I was able to buy my own car and last summer I moved to Washington, DC and started working at a new job--it was the first time in 20 years that I lived outside of New York!”

Jessica O.

“Thanks to DACA, after working low income jobs I now work in the emergency room at Holy Cross Hospital as a patient registration representative. I got my first credit card and now I am working on getting a car and a house. I am also going to go back to school to become a nurse. Having DACA has given me a lot of confidence to do a lot of things.”


people and counting have received DACA in the past 3 years.

Already have DACA? Nice! Check out the DACA Renewal Network for great (free) resources and tools! Free? I'm down!

DACA is Pretty Cool, Huh?

United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country, is teaming up with the hit HULU series East Los High to raise awareness about DACA. Check out how the issue of undocumented rights was covered in Season 3 of the show.

Join Us. We've Got your Back

United We Dream is committed to win! Join our community of over 100,000 (mostly undocumented) immigrant youth from across the country to receive trusted information and free resources on DACA as well as to join the growing movement and continue fighting for more victories like this on the social issues that matter to us and our families.
Together, we will win!